Zoom into your users’ minds

We live in world where every product and company claims to be “user-centric”. It is much more of a buzz word now rather than a real thing.

Yet, user-centric design is hard and needs all parts of a company to truly be user-centric, from marketing and sales, to design. Products generally have a “tell”, which indicates how user-centric they actually are.

Have a look at Zoom for example. Instead of the run-of-the-mill “Mute” button, I now make choices based directly on my job-to-be-done.

I have spent my entire life translating “I want to speak now” to UNMUTE, and “I am done speaking” to MUTE. Now with Zoom, I can do exactly what I am thinking.

It struck me when a colleague met with me over Webex and I had to rethink that mental translation, and “tap to unmute”:

It felt like I had to jump into a world without smartphones.

User-centric design is more than just re-creating the so-called consumer-grade experience. Well-designed products don’t take any interactions for granted. And every now and then, this becomes a product differentiator.

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